Home Improvement: Give Your Faith a Remodel – February 26, 2018

All adults (married, single, parent, grandparent, etc.) are invited to join us on

Monday, February 26th, from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in the Small Hall

for a Lenten talk entitled “Home Improvement: Give Your Faith a Remodel.”

Our parishioner Brian Myers will be the speaker. Brian is a life-long parishioner of St. Noel. He is a husband, and father of three.

We all come from homes and families and we all create homes and families with those we love.

Brian will speak about the importance of our home as a “domestic church” (or “little church”), and will help us to reflect about and act on ways to grow faith in our homes.

For those who wish, the conversation will continue in an online experience throughout Lent and into the Easter season.

Please contact Michele ([email protected] or 440-946-1128, x121) to reserve a space or for questions. (There is not child care available this evening.)


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