Daytime Retreat – November 5, 2014

11-14 Banner Living in the Mystery of the Kingdom of God


Wednesday, Nov. 5th, we will be having our November Daytime Retreat.  Remember that we have changed the time to 9:30 – 2:30.  Many had complained that they were feeling too rushed.

This entire season we are presenting themes that have to do with the concept of the Kingdom of God.  Jesus promoted many spiritual concepts but he especially experienced his mission as bringing his Father’s Kingdom and the idea that the Kingdom was here now and not yet.  So much of what he taught and what we have come to believe through faith is mystery.  This month, the theme or title of our retreat is:  Living in the MysteryThe Kingdom Is Now and Not Yet.

So much of the Christian faith has always seemed to be focused on our personal salvation and with St. Paul’s idea that we need to work that out with “fear and trembling”.  Many of us were raised with the theology of sin rather than a theology of grace.  With deeper study, we find that Jesus really taught with a more positive perspective.

I think that for these past eleven years, we have for the most part tried to emphasize God’s incredible love and our identity as God’s Beloved.  Now we would like to go deeper into how Jesus commissions us to be his instruments of love, mercy, and justice.  We, like Jesus, are to bring the Kingdom or rather it is God’s desire to bring the Kingdom through us. We are being promoted and with this promotion, if we choose to accept it, will perhaps come a new set of marching orders, one that will not necessarily require strong physical legs and feet. (Thank God!)  All we need to do is work things out with the Spirit, allowing the Spirit to work in us, with us and through us.

Sharon is in Seattle so this retreat will be up to Mary Rupnow and myself speaking on themes of discipline and joy.  Please pray for us.  We will try to do our best.  Maybe we just need to ask the Spirit to do God’s best through us.

We praise God for the love in this community.

Call me (440-625-1228) or sign up on the kiosk or just come.

There is no charge but for those who can afford to do so, we suggest a donation of $6.00 to cover the cost of lunch.

Hope to see many of you on the 5th.

Love, Fran


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