Daytime Retreat – December 3, 2014

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On Wednesday, December 3rd, from 9:30 am until 230 pm we will have our December Daytime Retreat, The Kingdom of God is like . . . Unwrapping the Parables during Advent.

Invite a friend and join us as we discover a fresh new way to prepare for the coming of our newborn King. Advent is surely a great time to unwrap one of the greatest gifts we have been given, the parable teachings of Jesus, which were preserved for us by the gospel writers. We are pleased to announce that we will be using The Parables of Jesus  from Fr. George’s website to help us understand the significance of these great teachings and to learn how to reflect in a surprising new way on these familiar old stories.

Did you realize that the Parables encompass about one third of Jesus’ preaching? Sharon Waltermire will lead us in an exploration of the importance of using the Parables of Jesus for envisioning and building the Kingdom of God. We will look at the questions: Just what is a Parable? How does a Parable work? Why is its approach effective?

As Fr. George points out on his website page on The Parables of Jesus, “Parables leave important questions unresolved… they pose questions with which we must struggle… they begin a sentence we must finish… Parables are incomplete without our participation.”

We will have an opportunity to experience the parables as discussion starters. To move from the common settings and ordinary life situations in the stories and discover the extraordinary meanings and profound insights that Jesus knew would be revealed by those willing to dig deeper, to engage in a personal discovery of the lasting truth that has the power to change us.

“It is the genius of the parable that in the attempt to resolve the questions they pose, we will uncover fundamental truths about God, ourselves, and the connection between us.” George Smiga

As Pope Francis has said, “Dear brothers and sisters, the joy of having found the treasure of the Kingdom of God shines, you see… Everything makes sense when there, in the Gospel, you can find this treasure, which Jesus called ‘the kingdom of God,’ that God who reigns in your life, in our lives,”

To register for “The Kingdom of God is like … Unwrapping the Parables during Advent call Fran Armbruster at 440-625-1228, the church office at 440-946-0887,  or sign up on the kiosk. If you forget to register you can just come, Randy always prepares a bounty for lunch.  There is no charge, but for those who can afford to do so, we suggest a donation of $6.00 to cover the cost of lunch.


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