Concert Series- Apollo’s Fire Friday, April 8 at 8:00 p.m.

“ How rumbustious these artists can be.

Steven Player is a dancer of uninhibited vitality. He twisted, leaped and stomped with violinist Julie Andrijeski….a triumphant close.” 

Steve Player and Julie Andrijeski

Steven Player
Julie Andrijeski

Concert Program

Suites from Overture Burlesque & Don Quixote

J.S. Bach
Concerto for Two Violins

The escapades of Harlequin and his girlfriend Columbine were the delight of the Renaissance in the popular Commedia dell’artestreet theatre. These colorful characters come to life as dancers Steve Player, Julie Andrijeski and friends interpret Telemann’s lively character suites. (Warning: other musicians might dance out of their seats as well in this rambunctious program!) Olivier Brault and Johanna Novom set sparks flying in Bach’s fiery Double Violin Concerto.

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