Fr Terry’s Update May 5

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Tomorrow (May 6) marks 50 days since March 17, when Masses could no longer be celebrated publicly. This past weekend, Fr. Andy Turner celebrated Mass at St. Noel. I was especially grateful as to his ready willingness, as I was beginning to get over an eye infection, shortly before we were scheduled to film. All seems to be on the mend now, thanks to the doctors and staff up at For Your Eyes Only, Willoughby, who only happened to re-open last Friday, May 1. So grateful!

While I was resting with one semi-decent eye open (attempting to redeem myself from “Tiger King”) I re-watched “The Tree of Life” (2011). This film is described as “an American experimental epic drama,” film-written and directed by Terrence Malick. It chronicles the origins and meaning of life by way of a middle-aged man’s childhood memories of his family living in 1950s Texas, interspersed with imagery of the origins of the known universe and the inception of life on Earth. It runs 2 hrs 19 mins (PG-13).

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Seems like a good-enough reason to offer, for those who might be interested, Drink #2: Cherry-Lime Margarita, recipe courtesy Food Network Magazine (May, 2020). I took Spanish in middle and high school. Hola, Sra’s McCann, Thomas, and Fellure! My Spanish name was David (da-VEED). Again, as always, enjoy responsibly!

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    • Pete Kamis
    • May 8, 2020

    I think after about three or four of those “cherry-lime margarita’s” you would start to like it.
    God Bless, Peter

    • Jean Plavac
    • May 9, 2020

    Hi Father Terry,

    Thanks for keeping in touch. We miss being with our St. Noel family and appreciate your keeping us up to date. Thanks, also for the missals you sent by U.S. mail. The first comment I had to make when you became our Pastor is how much I appreciate your apparent love for the Blessed Mother. Your comments regarding Mother’s Day are your true feelings about “mothers”. We once had a priest visit our parish to speak about the visionaries at Medjugorje and when he saw our statue of the Blessed Mother in the courtyard he commented -” What is she doing out there – bring her INSIDE.” He got a big round of applause for that! Our generation grew up with a great devotion to the Blessed Mother so we very much appreciate your love for Her as well!

    • Betty Buehner
    • May 14, 2020

    Dear Ft. Terry ~
    Just wanted to thank you so much for the May Crowning you and Aga recorded. You had a beautiful day to celebrate and the event and brought back many wonderful memories of May crowning ceremonies during my grade school days. Also love all the flowers you have for the Masses and other events. God bless you!! Betty Buehner

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