Third Sunday of Easter

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Dear Parishioners and Guests of Saint Noel,

Please watch the video to participate in the liturgy for the Third Sunday of Easter. A worship aid has remained offered each week to help foster our best possible participation. See in the links below: one to simply view on a device and the other prepared for printing, booklet style.

A special word of acknowledgment and encouragement to those who were preparing to make their First Holy Communion this weekend: you get a special shout-out in the homily and are mentioned in one of the petitions during the Universal Prayer! If you’re not able to print this weekend’s worship aid, please at least take a look at the cover. The work of art depicted shows a scene from this weekend’s Gospel. It was painted by the Italian artist, Caravaggio, 419 years ago! Take a close look at the figure of Jesus. First Communicants: what is it you might notice about how the artist chose to depict Jesus? What’s maybe a little different about his features that we might normally expect to see? E-mail me your answer back, and if you’re right, you might just find something in your mailbox in the week ahead. Good luck!

To the young and old: what do you happen to remember about your First Holy Communion Day? What did you have to do to prepare? Do you remember the date? (Mine was May 17, 1987, and my Ordination date was off by day: May 18, 2013). Do you remember the priest’s name who offered you your First Holy Communion, and the parish? (Fr. Jim Mosovsky, Holy Spirit Parish, Avon Lake). What was the weather like? (Sunny). What did you wear? (I was the only one in a gray suit, tailored by a friend of the family, passed on from another friend of the family). Did you receive anything special that day that you still have? Let’s get a conversation started! If you feel comfortable, comment below, or send me an e-mail:

[email protected]

Let’s remember our would-be First Communicants this weekend, as we anticipate their special day when we’re all able to be in one another’s presence once again!

Click here to view the worship aid on your device.

Click here to print the worship aid.

Click here to make your offering.

Peace and prayers,

Fr. Terry

10 Comments for : Third Sunday of Easter
    • Michele Crowell
    • April 26, 2020

    Good message as always Thank you for doing the mass I know that it means a lot to me and I am sure a lot of other people. Blessings to all of you.
    Looking forward to the time when we can pray together.

    • Kathy Vislosky
    • April 26, 2020

    My First Communion Day was May 14, 1972. I remember going shopping with my mom to buy my dress – I was so excited ! I was in second grade at St. Stephen’s Byzantine Catholic School and we would cut classes short several days a week to practice in the church – what to do, where to sit, what to say – we were practicing to make our First Confession, as well. Fr. Vaida, who told the best stories in religion class, I remember a party at my house afterward – my mother transformed the basement with rows of tables, streamers and other decorations. I have a photo of me in my dress, with my brother in the back yard. And I have my First Communion candle, which I bless each year in my Easter basket, alternating with my Baptismal candle.

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      Such rich and beautiful memories, Kathy. Thank you for sharing. Yup! Our garage was always turned into a party center with tables and chairs for First Communion, Confirmation, and Graduations.

    • Jean Harasym
    • April 26, 2020

    My First Communion was on April 26, 1964. I remember it so well, because my youngest sister, Barb was baptized that same day. The church was St. Therese in Garfield Hts. The priest was Fr. Moeller, I think. My mom made my dress, which I whitened for my daughter’s First Communion on May 6, 1991. We had a big party because of my sister’s baptism and my First Communion were on the same day. The weather was sunny and warm. We had a ping pong table in the basement, which was covered with a white table cloth. My grandparents came and my aunts and uncles and all of my cousins and my 4 (at the time) siblings. Another brother was born in 1965. I remember that the Mass was in Latin. A year later, the Mass was in English. It wasn’t a gift, but I got a white purse that held my prayer book with the Mass in Latin and English; and a beautiful rosary. A cherished gift that I received was an iridescent rosary bracelet that I still have.

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      Jean, thank you for sharing your own rich and beautiful memories about such a special day! Happy 56th Anniversary of your First Holy Communion!

    • Theresa Iskra
    • April 26, 2020

    Thank you for bringing the mass into my home- I am so blessed! Everyone is doings great job.

  1. Reply

    Theresa, you’re most welcome! I love receiving these comments. I have a parish directory with me at the rectory, and I always quick look up the name to see if they’re in there, so I can put a face with the name! God bless you throughout this remaining time we find ourselves away from one another. I think we’ll all be tearing up at that first Mass we’re able to celebrate together!

    • Jan Delaney
    • April 27, 2020

    Thank you Fr. Terry for giving us the chance to feel at Mass. Good job to Brian, Michele, Dave and Aga. Love your updates and look forward to them each week. My First Communion was too long ago, 1944, to recall any memories. I’m sure we had a party. I do still have my first prayer book, a gift for my 1st Communion and my veil that my daughter wore at hers. Too old fashioned for my granddaughter. Miss everyone. Hope all are OK

    • mary polak
    • April 29, 2020

    thank you fr. Terry and all those that are doing and have done a wonderful ministry at our parish community. Would like to know if we are continuing with food program or any other way we can be of assistance to the community. thank you
    Mary and Jim

    • Debbie Kramer
    • May 2, 2020

    My first communion was May 8, 1970 at St. Francis of Assisi Church. I remember standing in line outside of Perkins Pancake House when my grandmother said to me, “This is the best day of your life!” I remember thinking, “You mean it is downhill from here?” I’m sure that’s not quite what she meant. It was a very good day but there have been many amazing days since.

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