Ohio Bishops & Gun Violence – HB178

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HB178 advanced out of committee and moves to another committee for further review.  The bill would allow any Ohioan 21 and older to carry any concealed deadly weapon as long as they’re not legally barred from owning a gun.  Obtaining a permit would not be required.

Read more about the bill here.

Read the current text of the bill and view the primary sponsors/co-sponsors here.

The Ohio Bishops have issued a brief statement regarding HB178:

“We support prudent policies to help curb gun violence. We believe just solutions can be found that will not violate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
We are opposed to the provision in HB 178 that would require our houses of worship to allow concealed weapons unless we post or permit otherwise. Religious communities should decide what is appropriate to bring into their spaces of worship. We hold as a norm that houses of worship should be weapons-free. Churches ought to be places where worshipers can confidently expect an atmosphere of peace, and where people are presumed not to be carrying weapons, legitimately or otherwise.”

Contact your House representative and express your thoughts regarding HB178.

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