There Is Still Time

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March 24, 2019   Click on the left end of the black bar to play/pause

March 24, 2019
Luke 13:1-9
Fr. George Smiga

We still have time. But the time we have is limited. This seems to be the gist of the parable that Jesus offers to us in today’s gospel. A man has a fig tree that did not bear fruit for three years. So he tells his gardener to cut it down. But the gardener argues to let it stand for one more year. If it does not produce figs then, he will get rid of it. The tree still has time to bear figs, but its time is limited. Of course, the parable is not about fig trees. It is about us. We, like the fig tree, have good things that we were made to produce. But we do not have all the time we want to make them a reality.

If you are a parent of young children, you have probably thought that you should spend more quality time with them. Perhaps you might take some time off work or plan a day-trip just to be together. Do it now. You still have time, but by the time they become teenagers your children will have less desire to spend time with the family. Perhaps you have identified a person in your life who was instrumental in your formation: a teacher, a coach, a friend. You may have tought that you should contact that person and thank them for what they have contributed to your life. Do it soon. You still have time, but that person will not be around forever. Perhaps there is someone in your life with whom you know you must make peace. Every time you think of the person you realize that the division between you should be healed. Reach out today. The longer you wait the more likely it is that the hurt will turn into a scar that can never be removed.

What are the good things in our life that we know we should do, and in fact intend to do, but have not done yet? Today’s gospel invites us to do them soon. It also promises us that when we do choose to act, we will not act alone. In the parable there is a gardener who promises to cultivate the soil around the fig tree and fertilize it so that it can bear fruit. Jesus is the gardener in our lives, always working to cultivate and fertilize the opportunities around us so that we can be productive. Therefore, when we do decide to act, to do what we know we should do, we should have confidence that Jesus will be there to guide us and support us. We all know the good things that we should do. We’ve even thought of doing them. In fact, it is difficult to understand why we have not done them already. Today’s gospel invites us to do them today. We still have time, but we do not have forever.

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