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During this Sixth and final week of Lent, we encounter the work that Catholic Relief Services does with our brothers and sisters in Micronesia. Encounter Micaela from Chuuk. You may return Rice Bowls to the parish office at any time. Thank you for your participation in the encounters. Thank you for changing lives through Catholic Relief Services.

Encounter Our Neighbors in Chuuk

You are born with breadfruit, you grow up with breadfruit and you die with breadfruit. This popular saying from the Micronesian island of Chuuk, thousands of miles off the coast of Hawaii, captures the importance of this starchy fruit. It’s a staple both for the Chuukese living in Micronesia, and for people like Micaela, who were forced to migrate to Hawaii due to a changing climate and rising seas.

Though Micaela moved to Hawaii seeking a better life, she instead found a community of Chuukese struggling with hunger. Through the One ‘Ohana: Food and Housing for All program, Micaela organizes groups of women to learn farming techniques. Together, they gain the knowledge to plant breadfruit trees and feed their communities.

For Micaela, the project is a way to look to the future while remembering the past. “It’s been many years since I dug my hands in the ground. We are reconnecting back to our home, even though it’s not the soil from where we came from,” she says.

Learn more about the One ‘Ohana: Food and Housing for All program.


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