“50 Wills Campaign” for the St. Noel Endowment Fund

The St. Noel Endowment Fund is currently trying to increase the number of people who have remembered St. Noel in their Will or Estate Plan. Why? Because the St. Noel Endowment Fund’s purpose is to function, just as your own IRA would—to help with finances, when needed. Currently our Endowment is small, about $200,000 which we would like to see grow, so that the interest earned each year can continue to provide funding for Parish programs. But, if ever the need would arise, the Endowment could be used to bridge any funding gaps for St. Noel.

As a separate non-profit corporation, St. Noel Endowment Fund, Inc. has complete control over the investments and disbursements from the Fund and is separate from the Diocese of Cleveland. Your bequest or other gift will only benefit St. Noel.

If you have any questions or would like to notify us of your intentions, we would like to add you to our growing list of people who believe in the future of St. Noel. Please call the parish office at 440-946-0887 or let any of the Endowment Board Members know.

Your wishes for confidentiality will be honored, or we can list you as member of the “50 Wills Campaign” donors in the Annual Report.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Board of Trustees, St. Noel Endowment Fund, Inc.

– Fran Reddick
– Frank Kirchner
– Darren Ewaska
– Frank Vitale
– Frank Prijatel
– Karen Manning
– Ross DeJohn Jr.

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