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Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council of St. Noel Parish is the primary consultative group of the community. its role is to assess and envision the spiritual direction of the parish and its effectiveness in proclaiming the gospel of Christ. The pastor consults the Pastoral Council concerning any major decision which will affect the direction of the parish.

The Council is composed of 13-15 parishioners of St. Noel who are selected through a five week process of discernment. The Council members serve for a term of three years. The pastor also serves on the Council.

The decisions of the Pastoral Council are reached by a process of discernment which attempts to reach a consensus of all members. This process requires patience on the part of the Council as well as the conviction that God speaks through both the majority and minority perspectives.
It is the responsibility of the Parish Staff to direct the day-to-day ministries of the Parish. It is the responsibility of the Finance Council to advise the Pastor on the proper use of the parish’s financial resources and buildings. The Parish Pastoral Council must work in conjunction with the Staff and Finance Council to serve the parish effectively.

For more information:
Guidelines of Parish Pastoral Council
Minutes of the Parish Pastoral Council
Members of the Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council advises the pastor in the wise use of the parish’s financial resources and buildings. The members of the Council serve at the invitation of the Pastor. They are chosen because of their expertise in finance, law, administration and other needed areas.

The Pastor will consult the Finance Council on every major decision which involves parish assets.

The Finance Council is responsible for compiling and publishing an annual account of the parish’s financial situation.

Members of the Finance Council

– Father George Smiga
– Ray Wymer, Chairperson
– Tyler Guban
– Mary Hanko
– Frank Manning
– Ross DeJohn, Jr
– Jim Klements
– Rose Fini
– Frank Cappello

Senior Fellowship Group

St. Noel Senior Fellowship Club provides a friendly meeting place where seniors can gather to socialize and participate in activities of learning and service. The group is associated with St. Noel Catholic Church but its membership is not limited to St. Noel parishioners.

Meetings are held every Thursday at noon in the small hall of St. Noel Church. Around 50-60 seniors attend weekly. Once a month a luncheon is planned by the members at a very nominal cost. No dues are required of the members.

Those who participate in the club often develop lasting friendships and discover new ways in which they can grow personally and spiritually. All are welcome to join the club. For further information please call the parish office (440-946-0887).

St. Noel Endowment Fund

The St. Noel Endowment Fund is an investment in the future of St. Noel Catholic Church and the well-being of its parishioners.  The Endowment Fund helps to support youth programs and offers financial assistance to help those in need. The fund also provides for upgrades to the church facility and enrichment of our pastoral identity.


Annually, fund board members determine how earnings will be allocated. Bequests can be made to the fund under direction of a will or in memory of a loved one.  Donations also can be made in the form of cash or highly appreciated securities, which may result in a tax deduction for the donor.


For further information, contact the parish office at 440-946-0887.


Endowment Funding for Fiscal 2017:

Neighbor-to-neighbor meals–$6,000

All Good Gifts Youth Ministry Garden–$1,200

Parish Spaghetti Dinner–$1,500

GIFT Speaker honorarium–$1,000

After-mass social gathering coffee/donuts–$5,000

Reserve funding–unforeseen requests/needs–$5,000


Learn more about the St. Noel “50 Wills” campaign by clicking here.


For questions about the St. Noel Endowment Fund, call the parish office at 440-946-0887.


Current Trustees are:

Fran Reddick, Chair
Ross DeJohn
Frank Kirchner
Jim Penko
Judy Penko
Frank Prijatel
Frank Vitale

Fund Manager: Darren Ewaska

Feel free to contact any of the trustees or the Parish office with question and someone will be happy to get back to you.


Remember St. Noel in your will or estate plan! Your gift can help grow the fund so that the earnings continue to provide funding for St. Noel Parish programs. As a separate non-profit corporation, the St. Noel Endowment Fund has 100% control over investments and disbursements and is separate from the Diocese of Cleveland. Your bequest or gift will benefit only St. Noel.

Check with your tax advisor about your potential benefits in transferring your IRA distribution to the St. Noel Endowment Fund.  To qualify: you must be age 70 ½ or older at the time of transfer; gifts must not exceed $100,000; funds must be transferred directly from a traditional IRA to a qualifying charity; such gifts count toward tax payer’s required minimum distribution.  Contact parish office at 440-946-0887 if your financial planner or attorney requires the tax ID number.


Endowment Fund Manager: Darren Ewaska.

Endowment Fund Trustees: Kathy Penko, Chair;  Ross DeJohn;  Frank Kirchner;  Jim Penko;  Frank Prijatel; Frank Vitale

50 Wills Campaign Information
IRA Information
Sample IRA Letter
Types of Gifts and Information

Endowment Board Members

– Fran Reddick
– Frank Kirchner
– Darren Ewaska
– Frank Vitale
– Frank Prijatel
– Karen Manning
– Ross DeJohn Jr.

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