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March 2, 2017 Daytime Retreat

Join us for our March 2nd Daytime Retreat, THE SPIRIT IS WILLING: THE FLESH IS WEAK, which will be on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd from 9:30 until 2:30. In the morning, Joyce Puin will present a prayerful reflection on the Last Words of Jesus and how they can prepare us to have a holy Lent.  It is good to begin Lent as a community and to reflect further on how mindfulness can prepare us to participate more fully in this holy season. We will join the larger community in church at noon for the Ash Wednesday Service including receiving ashes.

Travel the path of God’s love for us, Our love for God, Our love for all creation. This months ‘retreat will be facilitated by Emma Krueger as Fran recuperates from hip replacement surgery.

Our January 2017 Retreat


Join us for our January Daytime Retreat, FOLLOWING YOUR STAR: Mindful of God’s Direction, which runs from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm on Wednesday, January 4, 2017. Fran Armbruster will be joined by members of our community who will expand on this season’s theme of The Importance of Mindfulness.

There will be a morning and afternoon prayer service, presentations on the topic, and a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Randy.

We are always prepared for people who find out at the last minute that they can join us. There is no charge, but for those who are able, we suggest a donation of $6.00 to cover the cost of lunch.

It is good to come together as we travel our spiritual journeys, coming to know that we are the Beloved of God, mindful of the Spirit working in our lives with others who also wish to move forward toward living in and from the True Self.

We hope that you will be able to attend the Daytime Retreats and if you continue to find them valuable, that you will introduce others to this community. The retreats are open to all, so you can feel free to invite friends from outside the parish.

Blessings from Your Retreat Team


10-15 Companions on the Journey Website

Our first Daytime Retreat of the 2015-2016 season will be on Wednesday, October 7th. We will gather at 9:30 a.m. in the Resurrection Room to begin our day. Following our opening prayer service, Eleanor Reilly will speak on the subject of Companions on the Journey to the Kingdom. Eleanor has been gathering much important information for us to use as we age together. She will be sending each of us home with a packet of important documents that will assist us with important decisions.

After a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Randy, Fran Armbruster will say a little about our plan for the 2015 – 2016 Retreat Season and Sharon Waltermire will share a little about the upcoming Neighbor to Neighbor Meal, the first of which will be held on Thursday, October 8th, from 5:30 ’til 7:00 in the Banquet Center. Find out what you can do to love our neighbors. We will as always close with a prayer service in the Nativity Room.

Sign up on Kiosk or call the Parish Office at 440-946-0887.




06-15 Call to Transformation WebPoster

PLEASE JOIN US for a very special finale’  to our 2014-2015 Retreat Season:        EXPLORING THE KINGDOM OF GOD

The St. Noel Daytime Retreat series is pleased to announce a very special finale’ to our 2014-2015 retreat season. Michele Baetzold, St. Noel’s Coordinator of Faith Formation has selected us to host a special guest presenter for our June 10th retreat. Sr. Lisa Marie Beltz is an Ursuline Sister of Cleveland. She teaches scripture, spirituality, and theology courses for the Religious Studies Department and the Graduate Ministry Program at Ursuline College in Cleveland. Sister holds a PhD in New Testament and Early Christianity. She will be facilitating the closing retreat in our Exploring the Kingdom series.

We extend an invitation to our parish community, especially those involved in scripture and bible study to join us for this unique opportunity to be blessed by Sr, Lisa Marie’s depth of knowledge, spirituality, and down to earth presentation style. Please feel free to spread the word and invite guests.

Our day will begin at 9:30am and along with Sr. Lisa Marie’s presentation will feature two prayer services and a delicious lunch provided by Chef Randy. We will conclude at 2:30pm. There is no charge, but a $6.00 donation is suggested to defray the cost of lunch and supplies.

We are expecting a larger group for this retreat. Please sign up on the kiosk, or call the parish office at 440-946-0887.


Our next Daytime Retreat, CALL TO DISCIPLESHIP: Empowered by the Resurrection, will be on April 8th following the special observations of Holy Week at St. Noel.

This retreat season has been focused on The Kingdom of God, which Richard Rohr called “Jesus’ message for a whole new world.” We have explored the ‘Parables of Jesus’, the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, and ways that we are ‘Maturing in our Discipleship’. This month we will meet two women who have answered the call and are living their discipleship.

Anney Brandt Roach will share her story with us and her call to discipleship. She will talk about her year-long experience as she traveled the states with NET ministries, her teaching in two Catholic high schools, and her recent marriage. Anney is in her mid-twenties and already God has seen her commitment and opened doors for her where she can serve the Kingdom well.

Regular retreat participant, Patricia Mihalcik will speak about her experience with Renewal several years ago which especially taught her the important role of Community.

Join us in the Resurrection Room at 9:30 for a day of prayer, renewal, community, and of course a wonderful luncheon prepared by Chef Randy. Our day will conclude at 2:30. There is no charge for the retreat but for those who can make a donation, we suggest an offering of $6.00.


Join us on March 4th in the Resurrection Room at 9:30 for our Lenten Daytime Retreat.

Our teaching on The Kingdom this month will be facilitated by Eleanor Reilly who will open up Richard Rohr’s popular book FALLING UPWARD, A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life; leading us to a better understanding of how we grow spiritually into mature disciples of Christ.

Invite a friend to join us for a day of spiritual enrichment, prayer, community, and a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Randy.

We look forward to your joining us as we observe Lent and study Richard Rohr’s popular book FALLING UPWARD.

Since we seem to be experiencing much severe weather this winter; we suggest that if the weather looks bad on the 4th, please call the church office to confirm that the Retreat has not been cancelled. 440-946-0887

If you would like to be notified of upcoming retreats or cancellations by email, please call Fran at 440-625-1228 and give her your email address to add to her mailing list.

03-15 Lenten Retreat Becoming Kingdom People Maturing in Our Discipleship WEB POSTER

Join us on February 4th in the Resurrection Room at 9:30 a.m. when we will continue our exploration of the Kingdom of God. In January we examined the Beatitudes from different angles. This month we will engage again with Matthew’s gospel as we further our study of the Sermon on the Mount. Invite a friend for a day of spiritual enrichment, prayer, community, and a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Randy.

2-15 Further Reflections on the Sermon on the Mount Web Poster

On Wednesday, January 21st those of us who braved the cold and snow flurries explored The Beatitudes as the Christian Mission Statement in a day of prayer, music, spiritual enrichment, community, and, of course, a delicious lunch provided by Chef Randy. Join us on February 4th as we look further into Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

01-15 Rejoice and Be Glad RESCHEDULE DATE Website Banner

On Wednesday, December 3rd, from 9:30 am until 230 pm we will have our December Daytime Retreat,

The Kingdom of God is like . . . Unwrapping the Parables during Advent.

Invite a friend and join us as we discover a fresh new way to prepare for the coming of our newborn King. Advent is surely a great time to unwrap one of the greatest gifts we have been given, the parable teachings of Jesus which were preserved for us by the gospel writers. We are pleased to announce that we will be using The Parables of Jesus  from Fr. George’s website to help us understand the significance of these great teachings and to learn how to reflect in a surprising new way on these familiar old stories.

Did you realize that the Parables encompass about one third of Jesus’ preaching? Sharon Waltermire will lead us in an exploration of the importance of using the Parables of Jesus for envisioning and building the Kingdom of God. We will look at the questions: Just what is a Parable? How does a Parable work? Why is its approach effective?

As Fr. George points out on his website page on The Parables of Jesus, “Parables leave important questions unresolved… they pose questions with which we must struggle… they begin a sentence we must finish… Parables are incomplete without our participation.”

We will have an opportunity to experience the parables as discussion starters. To move from the common settings and ordinary life situations in the stories and discover the extraordinary meanings and profound insights that Jesus knew would be revealed by those willing to dig deeper, to engage in a personal discovery of the lasting truth that has the power to change us.

“It is the genius of the parable that in the attempt to resolve the questions they pose, we will uncover fundamental truths about God, ourselves, and the connection between us.” George Smiga

As Pope Francis has said, “Dear brothers and sisters, the joy of having found the treasure of the Kingdom of God shines, you see… Everything makes sense when there, in the Gospel, you can find this treasure, which Jesus called ‘the kingdom of God,’ that God who reigns in your life, in our lives,”

To register for “The Kingdom of God is like … Unwrapping the Parables during Advent call Fran Armbruster at 440-625-1228, the church office at 440-946-0887,  or sign up on the kiosk. If you forget to register you can just come, Randy always prepares a bounty for lunch.  There is no charge, but for those who can afford to do so, we suggest a donation of $6.00 to cover the cost of lunch.



Wednesday, Nov. 5th, we had our November Daytime Retreat.  We have changed the time to 9:30 – 2:30.  Many had complained that they were feeling too rushed.

This entire season we are presenting themes that have to do with the concept of the Kingdom of God.  Jesus promoted many spiritual concepts but he especially experienced his mission as bringing his Father’s Kingdom and the idea that the Kingdom was here now and not yet.  So much of what he taught and what we have come to believe through faith is mystery.  This month, the theme or title of our retreat is:  Living in the MysteryThe Kingdom Is Now and Not Yet.

So much of the Christian faith has always seemed to be focused on our personal salvation and with St. Paul’s idea that we need to work that out with “fear and trembling”.  Many of us were raised with the theology of sin rather than a theology of grace.  With deeper study, we find that Jesus really taught with a more positive perspective.

I think that for these past eleven years, we have for the most part tried to emphasize God’s incredible love and our identity as God’s Beloved.  Now we would like to go deeper into how Jesus commissions us to be his instruments of love, mercy, and justice.  We, like Jesus, are to bring the Kingdom or rather it is God’s desire to bring the Kingdom through us. We are being promoted and with this promotion, if we choose to accept it, will perhaps come a new set of marching orders, one that will not necessarily require strong physical legs and feet. (Thank God!)  All we need to do is work things out with the Spirit, allowing the Spirit to work in us, with us and through us.

Sharon is in Seattle so this retreat will be up to Mary Rupnow and myself speaking on themes of discipline and joy.  Please pray for us.  We will try to do our best.  Maybe we just need to ask the Spirit to do God’s best through us.

We praise God for the love in this community.

Call me (440-625-1228) or sign up on the kiosk or just come.

There is no charge but for those who can afford to do so, we suggest a donation of $6.00 to cover the cost of lunch.

Hope to see many of you on the 5th.

Love, Fran


At our October retreat Fran Armbruster welcomed us back after our summer break and introduced our theme for this retreat season, “Building the Kingdom of God”. Sharon Waltermire led us on a journey of discovery as we began our Exploration of the Kingdom of God using the mystery questions of Who. What. When. Where. How. and Why.  And Mary Rupnow gave a teaser on how we will investigate how to use the Fruits of the Spirit for a richer life. We enjoyed a day of prayer, music, spiritual nourishment, community. and enlightenment with a goal to help us to be good builders of God’s Kingdom.

If you have an interest in participating in any capacity, please contact Fran Armbruster 440-625-1228,

The retreats are usually on the first Wednesday of the month. This year we changed the time to 9:30 – 2:30 which gives us an additional hour. The time change helps us to feel less rushed. Randy always serves us a great hot lunch. There is no fee but we suggest a $6.00 donation to cover the cost of lunch.

May God bless us all with a glorious new retreat season.



The Monthly Daytime Retreats are usually scheduled for the first Wednesday of most months from October to May and facilitated by members of our St. Noel community.  The retreats run from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m(subject to change). Our prayer is that retreat participants will experience an opportunity where the people of God may come together regularly in community to deepen their faith, strengthen the bonds of the Body of Christ, and support each other on the great adventure of building the Kingdom of God. A $6.00 donation is suggested for lunch and materials.

If you would like more information or would like to participate in planning future retreats please contact Fran Armbruster 440-625-1228.


coming soon


Imagine a warm welcome and an invitation into a meeting space decorated to match the theme of the retreat with colorful paper products and beautiful folders.  After a brief welcome, which introduces the facilitators and the outline of the day along with any housekeeping details, we move into a Chapel alive with candles, flowers, icons, and instrumental music playing in the background.  When everyone is quieted we begin the Opening Prayer Service with readers designated from the assembled group.  After prayer we return to the meeting room for the 1st talk and related table discussion.  At noon we break for a delicious lunch served in the Small Hall.  We return to the meeting room for the 2nd talk and related table discussion.  Our day is completed with a return to the Chapel for the Closing Prayer Service.

2014 – 2015 Daytime Retreat Schedule
December  3, 2014


Unwrapping the gift of The Parables of Jesus

January  21, 2015

Snow Date

 REJOICE AND BE GLAD, Blessed are You

The Beatitudes as the Christian Mission Statement

March 4, 2015  Reflections on FALLING UPWARD by Fr. Richard Rohr
April 1, 2015
May 6, 2015   Call to TRANSFORMATION



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